Prof. James R. Brockmole
Department of Psychology 
University of Notre Dame 
127 Haggar Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556 
(574) 631-1972 
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Department Profile

Graduate Students (Ph.D.) 


Andrew Clement
B.A., Denison University
M.A., University of Notre Dame 
Andrews's research interests are in the areas of visual perception, object recognition, attention, and memory. He is currently conducting research examining the relationship between physical action and the representation of objects and scenes. 
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Kristina Krasich
B.A., Duke University 
M.A., University of Notre Dame 
Kristina's research interests are in the areas of visual attention, visual memory, and cognitive training. She is currently conducting research that aims to idenitify gaze-based markers of mind wandering (i.e., daydreaming) in multimedia learning contexts and real-time interventions that can restore attention to primary tasks. 
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Undergraduate Students 

Senior Thesis Students

Gabriela Adams, Senior. Major: Neuroscience & Behavior. Hometown: McKinney, TX.
Kathryn Kehoe, Senior. Majors: Neuroscience & Behavior and English. Hometown: Gurnee, IL.

Undergraduate Research Assistants 

Emilio Arellano, Sophomore. Major: Biochemistry. Hometown: Hialeah, FL.
Joanne Kim, Junior. Majors: Neuroscience & Behavior and Music. Hometown: Clinton Twp, MI. 
Claire Kuehn, Junior. Major: Neuroscience & Behavior. Hometown: Tomahawk, WI.
Angela Lim, Junior. Majors: Neuroscience & Behavior and English. Hometown: Columbia, MO. 
Erin Sullivan, Junior. Major: Neuroscience & Behavior. Hometown: River Forest, IL. 
Kathryn Tighe, Senior. Major: Neuroscience & Behavior. Hometown: Middletown, MD.

Lab Alumni

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Louise Brown. Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Strathclyde University (Scotland).
Christopher Davoli. Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University.
Michi Matsukura. Assistant Professor, Drake University.
Cary Stothart. Research Psychologist. US Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Forth Leavenworth, KS.
Carol Walthew. Senior Gallery Enabler, Birmingham Science Museum, Birmingham, England.

Former Graduate Students

Adam Biggs. Lieutenant, Medical Services Corps, US Navy, Naval Medical Research Unit Dayton
Snehlata Jaswal. Associate Professor, Thapar University (India) School of Management
Konstantinos Tsagkaridis. Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Neopolis University Pafos (Cyprus) School of Health Sciences

Former Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates working in the lab have many career aspirations. The following students pursued graduate studies in psychology or related fields. 

Natalie Baldasare. M.Ed., Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE), University of Notre Dame 
Deborah Cronin. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 
Krista Ehinger. Ph.D., Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 
Emily Ehrman. M.S., School Counseling, Butler University.
Bryan Golubski, M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine.
Shane Kelly. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, George Mason University.
Robert McManus. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, North Dakota State University.
Ryan O'Donnell. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University. 
Caitlin Sisk. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychology, University of Minnesota. 
Sarah Wiesen. Ph.D. candidate, Department of Psychological Sciences, Vanderbilt University.
Madden Zappa. M.S., Mental Health, Ethics, and Law. King's College London. 

Join the Lab 

If you are interested in joining the lab to begin or develop your academic career, to pursue an advanced degree, or to gain research experience prior to graduate studies, positions are available! 

Ph.D. Positions: The Visual Cognition Lab intends to accept new graduate students (studies to begin in August, 2018). Applications will be due December 1, 2017.

Undergraduate Postions: Undergraduates at the University of Notre Dame who have successfully completed their statistics requirement are invited to become part of the Visual Cognition Lab Team. Undergraduate research assistants work directly with faculty and other senior researchers to implement experiments by engaging in activities such as hypothesis development, stimulus creation, computer programming, participant testing, and data analysis. Students will broaden their academic experience by extending their learning outside the classroom, obtaining specific skills related to conducting psychological research, and developing applied critical thinking skills. Students of all educational backgrounds are invited to join the lab, and these opportunities will be particularly helpful for those preparing to attend graduate school. Please contact Prof. James Brockmole at to learn more.