The Visual Cognition Laboratory is part of the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame. We are interested in how human observers create, store, and employ representations of objects and scenes. Specific interests include how visual short-term memory develops over time, how visual attention and memory subserve various cognitive behaviors such as search and wayfinding, and how context and experience influence performance on visually guided tasks. The lab uses a variety of tasks and dependent measures to investigate these aspects of cognition, but a major methodology involves the recording and analysis of eye movements, which reveal what and how visual information is processed in real time. To learn more about us, please browse through our website! 


Join the Lab

The Visual Cognition Lab is committed to providing top quality education and academic enrichment opportunities to students at any stage of their education.

Ph.D. Positions: The Visual Cognition Lab is currently accepting applications for new graduate students to begin studies in the Fall of 2024 (deadline is December 1, 2023). 

Undergraduate Positions: Undergraduate research assistants work directly with faculty and other senior researchers to implement experiments by engaging in activities such as hypothesis development, stimulus creation, computer programming, participant testing, and data analysis. Students will broaden their academic experience by extending their learning outside the classroom, obtaining specific skills related to research, and developing applied critical thinking skills that are transferable to many careers. Students of all educational backgrounds are invited to join the lab, and these opportunities will be particularly helpful for those preparing to attend graduate school. Please contact Prof. Brockmole to learn more. 

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